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(Keep Reading To Find Out the IMPACT of the Case Study)

If You Have 30 Minutes A Week, Then You Can Make Six Figures A Year Online*

If You Think That All Those $2K Guru Kits Are Going To Rescue You From Obscurity And Debt You're in Denial.  If You Think That More Complex Analytics And SEO Structures Will Set You Free From The Gravitational Pull Of The Internet Marketing Black Hole, You Need A Plan. And If You Believe That Your Online Business Has To Dominate Your Life In Order To Be Successful, Then Just Stay In The Cubicle Because...

"I'm About To Completely Destroy All The Delusional 'Tactics' Being Drilled Into Your Head By So-Called 'Experts.' You're About To See For Yourself (Maybe For The First Time Ever) How Simple It Can Be To Create A Legitimate Six Figure Income That Only Takes Two Hours A Month To Manage And Keeps Churning Out Money As Faithfully As An Oil Rig In Saudi Arabia"

"This Is Common Sense On The Loose. There Will Not Be One Part Of This System You Won't Feel Confident About. It Just Makes Too Much Sense And Is Too Simple. It's Simple To Set-Up. Simple to Maintain. And Simply TOO Valuable For Your Customers To Ignore."


From the desk of Paul Evans
Saturday, 3:23 PM

It's just that simple."

That line is a running joke.

All of us involved in internet marketing training and coaching have the tendency to say... "It's just that simple." But it rarely is. Usually, the "simple system" requires something just short of Ph.D. in nerd-ology to understand it. Then you need a physics degree to make it work.

Let Me Come Clean...

Even though I make a lot of money online...

I don't do SEO.

I don't split-test.

I don't get Google's Analytics and Optimizer.

I don't know what keywords perform best on my sites (and I have dozens).

I don't know what Clickbank gravity means.

I don't know back linking strategies or the use of blog farms.

I don't know how to get rich on Twitter or other social media.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I could probably make more diving into all those, but I like living. Enjoying time with family and friends. Oh...yeah...I could outsource, but then I might have to actually talk to someone about that boring crap. :-)


Here's some of the feedback Paul has already gotten from my mastermind group and his sneak-preview members...

"Holy smokes! This really is simple."

"Thank you for not using any tricks or upsells or other stuff. Even though you made it clear on the salespage, I still had some skepticism about ordering (I guess because so many 'marketers' say one thing and do another). But I got right in and I am blow away by the ease of the system and the quality of your teaching. Thank you!"

"Ok, I just have to say this that makes more sense than anything I've come across. I actually feel for one of those big guru launches that was super high dollar. Simple Six crushes it - and it's affordable!"

"Paul, I just finished the course. (I dove right in!) Setting my site up right now. Fun and simple!"

Seriously -- there is really, no need to waste any brain cells thinking about this one. Simple Six is "doable" for anyone. And it works in any niche.

Go take action...nothing changes if nothing changes!

Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive


Let's Break This Down Even Further...

Answer this simple question...

Do you want to create another job for yourself or a LIFE???

You want a life, right?

Here's the way one of our clients put it...


  • I want the freedom to live my life without having to answer to a bureaucratic system of self-puffed egotistical suits.

  • I want to be able to live my life at home, working my business, enriching other’s lives and being richly rewarded financially.

  • I want out from under the thumb of "the man."

  • I want to make the move without fear or failing my family.

  • I want to be able to hold my head high knowing that what I do in this life matters to people and helps them in life on a level that is not hidden by a curtain of corporate crap.

  • I want to be loved for who I am and what I do.

  • I want my children to grow up with a sense of pride in their daddy. I want them to feel like they just HAVE to tell everyone what their father does for a living – helps others be better.

  • I want to be an example to everyone that anything is possible because I can and have achieved anything I set my mind to.

Can you connect with any of those answers?

Listen, many of our guru friends have gone corporate. They have big offices. Dozens of employees. And a mountain of overhead and headaches.

At the other end are people who have never made a dime and are about to give up on all their dreams. They are ready to throw it all away.

Why? What's the issue?

They say, "This stuff doesn't work. If you don't have a massive list and high-level connections, it's just not possible to make money online."


Not only is it possible it doesn't take much time or effort once you take away all the complicated "answers" being peddled online today.



The Best Things In Life Are...SIMPLE

Think about it.

Want to lose weight and get tone?

Simple... Eat a little less and exercise a little more.

Want to build a better relationship with your kids?

Simple... Spend a little more time with them doing fun stuff together (without your blackberry!) :-)

Want to manage your time more effectively?

Simple... read a book and apply it.

When we get to the END of life, no one starts talking about the complex, they mention the simple.

You never hear... "Sure wish I had made that flight to CA for that hostile takeover of the ACME Corp."

Nope, you hear... "Wish I had taken more time for family and friends."

It's a simple life we enjoy most and that brings the most joy to others.


Our customers want easy solutions, and we need to avoid being overwhelmed.

Which is why I'm so excited about a new course from Paul Evans, called Simple Six Figures.

As you likely know, I have a complete library of internet marketing courses, and it takes a pretty impressive delivery of instruction to get my attention and recommendation.

Simple Six has it all, and I think you'll love Paul's....  Easy to apply methods for beginner and intermediate marketers To the point instruction

  • Jargon-free delivery

  • Quick speed for implementation

  • Easy to navigate members area

  • Wide-range of application.

Now, in a couple of hours, I'm heading off to California to speak at a conference. And I'll be gone until next Tuesday.

I strongly believe with Paul Evans' course, you could have your own Simple Six system online before I get back.

"Bob the Teacher" Jenkins


If Life Can Be Boiled Down to Simplicity, Shouldn't Business Be The Same? Absolutely!! Especially Online Business!!!

Think about it.

Without all the overhead costs of a brick and mortar business, shouldn't an internet business be no sweat? You bet!!

Here is EVERYTHING you need to know to make money online...


It's how you LEVERAGE those elements that makes the difference. The right formula allows you to easily makes lots of money without getting multifarious, variegated or incongruous (in other words...complex!)

Earlier this year I took a break to look over all my online businesses. And I discovered that the businesses I spent the LEAST TIME on made the most money!

With your permission, I'd like to pass this restricted info along to you. 

"I signed up yesterday and have gotten through 3 modules already. This was exactly what I've been looking for in terms of bringing my various areas of expertise to the public.

I've taken "marketing" workshops and been told to "find my niche market" and felt *totally hornswoggled* by this - very limiting indeed. However, when Paul says - choose the first thing that's quick and easy for you to create material for from your "own vault" - that made total sense ---- I'm just working on one project *at a time* - - - I don't have to feel that I can only market to this one group of people.

Thanks so much to Paul Evans for creating this and to you for helping to get the Simple Six Figures out to the public.

Wendy Humphreys Tebbutt
Educational & Specialized Kinesiology
Instructor / Practitioner

A Story of Simple Success...

Now this is REALLY embarrassing. Cool, but embarrassing.

What if I told you it's possible to pull in over $318,201 a year with a 15 minute a week time investment?


What if I told you there are times when I totally forget about this revenue stream, but it makes no difference? The site and niche does not care if I am there or not! It keeps trucking if I am at home, or in India, or in Rome. It don't matter (That's Southern for "Regardless of the time or place my physical person resides it produces no negative impact on the business or model upon which it rests.")

That's what's embarrassing. There's no secret recipe. It's not rocket science. It's nothing "new" or difficult. No top internet marketer will be upset for me revealing this. Why? It's so stupid simple, it's embarrassing, so...

Let's pull back the curtain and show you EXACTLY HOW this is possible. Take a look at the EXACT system that produces this outrageous income...

Here's The "Original" System

Traffic = Google Adwords

All traffic comes from Adwords. No SEO stuff or other crazy things. My business partner is wanting to do some Facebook, but I told him he was on his own since I "don't get it."

In this left picture you see that our ad is #3. As far as I know, that's where we stay most of the time.  We tried some magazine ads a couple years ago, but they did not pull too well for us.

NOTE : YOU do not have to learn Adwords for Simple Six. This is just our example.

List = Landing Page

Just like you would expect. People click the link and get the opportunity to receive a free gift. "101 Super tips for Youth Ministry." And they get some lesson samples as well.

The list grows by about 25 a day and at this point we have about 30,000 on the list right now.

Once on the list we make them an offer they shouldn't refuse! (But many do).

Offer = $9.95 a month

2600+ are currently active.

As you can see on the day of this shot, we have 2665 tier 1 subscribers. Not bad for a niche that's not known for it's wealth and willingness to spend.

BUT we do provide a GREAT service with HIGH QUALITY resources. The members are thrilled. In fact, we get phone calls form folks thinking that the offer is too good. They think it might be a scam and what to know what they are REALLY going to get.

Well... they're going to get blown away because the subscription is fantastic. :-)



Simple Life

Let's think about that case study video (if you opted in above), and the REAL impact it has.

You see, it takes just 30 minutes a week for ADMINISTRATION.

And we could leave it at that.

But it actually gives us time to serve people- to share LIFE.

The 2600 youth pastors are sort of like serving a 2600 member church.

If each has 10 members in their group, it's like helping 26,000 teenagers.

On top of that we have 35,000 and something youth workers who get our free stuff. If each of those average 10. It's like having a youth group of 350,000.

Wow! Love that sort of impact. (But it's also a lot of responsibility.)

And I know it's in style for some internet marketers to plaster "stuff" on their pages to get you to dream big. And if that's your WHY, that's totally your choice.

But consider for a moment what ELSE could be done.

Because of Teen Life we've been able to help not just youth leaders, but orphans around the world. If you have been on any of my email lists you know I am also the director of 100X Missions.

And because of a Simple Six site like Teen Life, we've been able to help build...

An orphanage in India...


An orphanage in Mexico...



An orphanage in Africa...


A mission that rescues young ladies from human trafficking in Europe...



Yes, a Simple Six model can help your family! It can also help others. How cool is that?!

Let me be super clear. This is NOT a "ministry" related product. It's not limited to this niche. We're using it in other niches as well. BUT since it does work in this niche that just increases the possibilities in other areas!

I wanted You to See this Example to Combat Two Common Questions...

Common Question #1: "Well, that works in the internet marketing niche, but what about outside of how to make money on the internet?"

This ministry market is NOT the best market. It does not show up in the HOT niche list. It is NOT loaded with money. There are tons of volunteers without budgets.

So what I'm saying is if it can work here it can work in a lot of "healthy" niches.

Common Question #2: "If this is so great why are you selling it, why aren't you just using it to make money?"

Uhhh.... Obviously I am using it. (Actually in multiple sites, this is just the one I am revealing.)

Second, I'm sick and tired of watching people try to follow some complicated program. I see people give up and give out because the product they buy is good in theory, but is just too difficult to follow.

Now then, you might watch the video case study and see the "original" model above and think...

"O, I get this. It's plain o'l continuity." - nope.

"Yeah... nothing new... fixed term membership stuff." - you're getting colder.

"Hmmm... he's wanting me to do a membership site. Well, everybody and his brother was hitting some membership program last year. I already know about this." - you're in the freezer.

Even as awesome as the original system is, we've made it even better!!!!!!!!! And not just a little better, but a LOT better.

WAIT! It's Gets WAY Better!

With the tweaks this new and improved version makes more money and provides greater value and helps more people!

You see we did four things completely WRONG (really blew it) and still did well (really well).


We've taken this new and improved formula and applied it in some niches from scratch!! And it's going great!

It's super easy to do.

It's high value for the customer.

It's leverages more money making angles.

It doesn't take much time!

ANYONE can do it.

Ah...that's a perfect formula!!


Passing Simplicity Along to YOU!

Why would we practically give away our secret formula?

Three simple reasons...

#1 Crazy, Competition Driven Models

All the "plug-n-play" models make it so you are competing with every other buyer. You're not just contending with the market, you're up against every member in the "club."

#2 Micro-Continuity Drop-Off

While the "idea" of micro-continuity sounds good, who wants to rebuild their membership every 3, 6 or 9 months? Not me, and I bet not you!

Instead, a recurring revenue site that also sells additional content and affiliate related products is the way to go and we show you how to do this step-by-step. (And you do not have to worry about massive content creation or what you will sell on the backend!)

#3 Working Way Too Hard

I learned this one the hard way. It's easy to get caught in the trap of giving and giving and giving. Making your sites and products bigger and bigger and bigger.

But does it make that much of a difference? NO!

People want...

  • Clarity - they want to be able to access and grab what they bought without jumping through hoops.

  • Consumption - buyers want to be able to apply or activate your content without being overloaded and overwhelmed.

  • Confidence - your people want to be able to use the information easily. They do not want to have to WORK to make it work.

You can produce and share high value with a very small amount of time.


Activate Simple Six Figures...


simple six figures


And you'll gain instant access to the complete system.

  • No info-dripping.

  • No membership.

  • No continuity.

You get in and immediately tap the mother lode. (But listen - this stuff is laid out easy.)

  • No confusion.

  • No taking hours to figure out.

  • No masters degree required. :-)


You're going to punch a big YES on all of the following....



Right out of the gate the complete system will be revealed. You will see every component. You'll see how it works seamlessly together to generate predictable and "bonus" revenue month after month.

  • "The 6 Minute Map" - the ENTIRE system is covered (mapped out) in under six minutes. You'll have a super-clear concept based in common sense that you'll immediately feel confident about completing. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

  • An "epiphany" statement that summarizes the secret to sublimely satisfying your customers. Keep this unpretentious thought in mind and find the honey spot time and again!

Quite literally, when you "get" this training you could ignore everything else in the package and score big. (Of course, I don't recommend that, but I bet you've bought stuff and never looked at it all. I'm just sayin' you soak up this module and you've more than gotten your investment's worth!)



OK...I know management isn't a cool marketing term. But your online business has to be taken care of. What's awesome is that is like time management on steroids. This system virtually generates time because of how little time it takes to take care of business.

  • How to create a Triad that pulls a steady stream of buyers to your offer. (These are hands free and NOT time intensive. We're talking passive traffic. In the above image it's the "Invite Traffic" element.)

  • Where to get your content FAST so you will never run out and never have to think about it.

  • Reverse Engineering that let's you have your customers creating the content for you.

  • The perfect monthly release that doesn't leave people feeling ripped off and doesn't make them overwhelmed. And is so stinkin' easy for you that you would be embarrassed if your people found out.

  • A crazy, easy retention method that keep people LONG TERM.

  • Proprietary Pricing Principle. No more guessing about the perfect price point.





Forget making ONE sale. You make sale after sale after sale. Some automatically recurring and others through monthly strategic offers that fit perfectly with what your people said "Yes to originally!

  • Increase your profits without using upsells and other tactics that tick people off. (Listen, people want to checkout and get their gear. They do not want to see a half-dozen ads for other products.)

  • You'll find out WHEN to send your monthly emails and WHAT needs to be in them.

  • A simple way to protect the integrity and value of your products and increase revenue at the same time.

  • You'll see how to make money through "Service Offers" as opposed to pitching for profits.

  • Here's something really cool. With Simple Six Figures, your backend sales are built right into the system. Genius!

Let me be clear. You will not be learning how to manipulate or take advantage of people just to get them just to buy more. That's happens all the time in the up-sell fire sales. Instead you will be crafting offers that are optional, but highly attractive.



Almost everyone has trouble turning their subscribers into promotion fanatics. Not anymore! What would happen if your people drove traffic for you?

  • An easy way to get your people to send you more and more customers.

  • Think "recurring commissions" is enough to motivate your affiliate army? It's not. You'll have a built in "commission accelerator" built right into your Simple Six site!

  • Easy tools to use to keep your affiliates motivated and on track.

  • How to use an internal contest to generate breakout profits and fuel the financial fire.

  • A decision you make from the very beginning that makes your site more salable. Ignore this advice and you'll find it almost impossible to assemble and affiliate army from among your ranks.

  • Your FIVE LETTER hub to keep you locked in on the goal and moving forward.



Muscle increases your metabolism, helps you burn fat, gives you greater stamina and just makes you stronger! Don't you want the same in your online business?

  • Are you ready to PUMP UP Your Profits?! Get ready for your high intensity, low time investment, business workout.

  • How the power of compound exercises (business practices) allow you to hit multiple areas of your online focus simultaneously.

  • Tap into the BEST trio of hybrid movements that builds your profit brawn rapidly.

  • A huge aspect of muscle growth is recovery. You'll discover how to best use your business downtime to become more profitable and how to avoid feeling guilty for not working more.

  • The secrets to long term, consistent growth. This often ignored group of strategies will keep you going and growing with steady beefing up from this point forward.



This is where the average product loses everyone. They tell you what to do but do not show you how to do it. Well, I do!!

You will see all the step-by-step, organization and operation required. EXACTLY how to administer your complete operation!

In fact, we've created two "levels." A basic, super simple, cheap version of the mechanics. And a more advanced, super-simple, greater investment version.

No silly skeptic, that's not to sell you more stuff. But to show you how to conduct your business at a higher faster level.

Basic, Super Simple, Cheap

Advanced, Yet Still Super Simple

  • Design

  • Webpage organization and set-up

  • Payment Set-Up

  • Auto-responder set-up (Not Free, but if you already have Aweber.com, you can use your existing account.)

  • Free conference call service

  • Installing a site on your own hosting.

  • Easy script installation and set-up. You will LOVE this!

  • Our recommended conference call service. Why and how we use them.

  • A super quick plug-in that help you totally control the look of your site.


While this is NOT a complete newbies course, we are covering a lot of basics. These mechanics will not be intimidating to the beginner and the advanced will find this approach to be pure genius.


One more note - the entire installation and activation of the Simple Six Figure is less than 30 minutes. You will see it step by step video tutorials so there's no guessing. You will actually SEE that it takes less than 30 minutes. If you are brand new it MIGHT take you an hour if you are super slow and take breaks! :-) You get complete step-by-step video tutorials. Nothing is left to chance.





Bonus #1 : Niche Factors

Bottom line - the BEST way to choose your most profitable niche. No research. No guesswork. Nothing confusing.

I'm constantly hearing people say, "I just can't find my niche."

Well, now you can!

Let me remind you of Wendy's words from up the letter a bit...

I've taken "marketing" workshops and been told to "find my niche market" and felt *totally hornswoggled* by this - very limiting indeed. However, when Paul says - choose the first thing that's quick and easy for you to create material for from your "own vault" - that made total sense.

You'll see my 3X combination. When these three areas intersect - WATCH OUT!

Bonus #2 : Traffic Profits

Who cares how AWESOME your product is (and it IS when you follow Simple Six) - if you cannot get anyone to your sales page?

You're going to tap into the simple traffic training that will help you make the most of your work.

  • Beginner's Guide to Overnight Traffic

  • How to Get FREE Traffic

  • SEO Traffic Tutorials

Bonus #3 : Revenue Retention Report

The longer your customer stay with you and remain active, the more money you make (simple, huh?).

This report gives you 21 HOT retention techniques.

Bonus #4 : 15 Minutes a Month!

Just when you thought it could not get any easier! In this special 3 page report I'll reveal how I use the entire Simple Six Figures System for a product and it only takes 15 minutes a month to manage. Even with ALL the Simple Six components. Super cool and easy.

You can duplicate this for sure.

WARNING: I am not trying to make you lazy. I believe in work. BUT if you could work for a few minutes a month for a few hundred or a few thousand dollars would that be so bad?

Time is finite. You must find ways to "compress" labor and profit generating time so there is time for LIFE.

That's the #1 reason for sharing Simple Six. To show you exactly how to...

  • Create a high value product.

  • Get paid over and over.

  • Have thankful customers

  • Save a huge amount of time.

Think about it...

If you have a site that takes you 20 hours a month to manage and it makes $500 a month.

Or you have a site that takes 2 hours a month to manage and it makes $500 a month.

Or you have a site that takes 15 minutes a month to manage and make $500 a month.

Which of those 3 is BEST for you and your family and /or friends?

Most people like to work more to make them feel like they are "doing" something.

Bonus #5 : Advanced Placement

Once you're up and running watch this training to take you to the next level.

  • Value Incentives

  • The Ascension Model

  • Reversal of Fortunes

  • The KEY to Long Term Simple Six Success

Bonus #6 : JV Invite

No long ago I got the BEST affiliate invitation I’ve ever received.

It’s simple and solid.

Everyone always wants to know…

“What the best way to approach affiliates who don’t know you?” “How can you get JVs?”

Well, this is going to help you big time. It’s not the answer of all answers, but it will increase your chances by a large margin. I’m really excited about this. And its stuff you need to know to get some strong affiliates on your Simple Six team.

I'll take you step by step through the letter and show you want works and what doesn't. Plus how you can apply A LOT of the same tactics.



Earning Disclaimer

Whoa, Nelley!

By now you're salivating over the fact that you're finally going to figure out online business. You're finally going to have a clear, straightforward path to walk down.

And do I believe Simple Six Figures contains the best route for easy online wealth for internet entrepreneurs? Yes I do. No doubt.


Let me be clear!!!

There is no way I can know what you will do, or how you work. Just because others makes money with this system does not guarantee you will. I'm saying that boldly and in big print so there is no misunderstanding.

If you are they type of person who is flat out lazy, is known as a quitter and believes you're not making money online because of someone other than you - this this is NOT for you. People who fail to take personal responsibility in life and business are never successful. That's just a fact.

However, if you are the type person who knows your destiny and legacy rests in your hands, then let me place Simple Six Figures in those hands today.


Just Say, "OK, I'll Give It A Shot!"

Until you put this into play, you'll never know how well this can work for you. (And if you don't you'll always have that nagging thought about where you would have been if you had taken a small step.)

So just say, "Ok."

Simple Six Figures comes with a 100% guarantee. You have a full 60 days to put your system in position. You can count on your hands the number of sales you need to profit!


The Bottom Line

You can keep making all the excuses you want about not putting together a simple six figure business.

You can keep buying all the crap that comes out, spending your money and storing the goods on your hard drive.

You can have all the good intentions you want about how "this time will be different" as you chase the next miracle down a rabbit hole.


You can follow a simple, proven model that makes money and let's you live your life as well.

The choice is yours.

Personally, I spent too many years trying the "next thing" only to get confused as to how all the pieces fit together. But with Simple Six Figures you get everything you need. Nothing will be confusing or complicated.




It seems to me that it would be fair to pay six figures. I mean, we spend around $50,000 for a college education that let's us get a $40,000 a year job. :-)

Plus, once you start building a business with Simple Six Figures you can do it over and over again.

And if you have been on any marketing lists lately you've noticed that the average going rate is between $1000-$5000 for the "guru in a box" products. (But NONE of those are this simple. In fact, if you bought one I bet you got worn out!)

If I were to do this training in one of my patented 4 week CSI (coaching success intensive) programs then I would charge $497. IF the price was $497 right now it would still be an awesome deal and worth way more than the average $3K internet marketing pitch fest seminar.

Sigh. Those things are not just expensive they are BORING (except for maybe one of the speakers. But the rest are walking tranquilizers.)

Your Simple Six Figures Academy includes...

  • Dead Simple Money Map Video Training - which covers every detail of the system in 5 minutes. It's just that easy!

  • Dead Simple Management Video Training - step by step to taking care of business in just 30 minutes a week.

  • Dead Simple Monetization Video Training - how to use Internet Income Revenue RotationTM to create a steady cash flow cycle.

  • Dead Simple Momentum Video Training - the best way to auto-pilot your Simple Six System so you barely have to touch it.

  • Dead Simple Muscle Video Training - a solid "workout" to make your online business stronger, while pumping up the profits.

  • Dead Simple Mechanics Video Training - fast paced tutorials that get your Simple Six Site up and running in under 30 minutes!

  • Niche Factors - If you're not already in a profitable niche market this guide will get you there fast.

  • Traffic Profits - this collection of traffic training resources will draw the droves to your money maker.

  • Revenue Retention Report - An awesome report with 21 hot retention strategies to keep customers longer (and they are ethical!)

  • 15 Minutes a Month Report - this super-brief video will show you how one of my sites only takes 15 minutes of updating a month. You can reproduce this easily.

  • Affiliate Driven Profits Insider's View - go "inside the ropes" to see a Simple Six Site in Action.


It seems like every product launch requires endless upsells, sidesells, side swipes, you name it! You can't even get to what you ordered for half an hour.

To make it worse, you think you're getting everything you need, but lo and behold there's some "deluxe" version as part of some insane "one-time-offer." That just makes you feel like you've been shafted.

Here's the typical process that a ton of the gurus use...


Well, there's none of that silliness here. You actually get EVERYTHING for Simple Six and there are ZERO extra steps!



Paul is one of the smartest guys I have ever met - and makes me laugh so hard I snort. AND he is also one of the most giving individuals I have ever met.

Paul has taken the recurring revenue model (also know as membership, continuity, subscription models) and made it drop dead simple. No other class, book, course, mastermind, training, or done-for-you solution is better. Period.

I know this because:
1) I wrote the book on membership websites
2) It represents Best Practice in the recurring/subscription revenue model
3) It's taught by one of my very best friends on the planet and I trust him with my life. (We call Paul "Preacher Boy" cause he's so squeaky clean)

In Paul's Simple Six Figures, you get to learn, hands on, how to set up and run a recurring income stream in as little as 30 minutes a week.

Listen, I've studied with some of the best in the business and Paul is the BEST teacher out there - bar none.

Perry Lawrence, Ask Mr Video


Simple Six Figures should EASILY be $497 (easy), but it's not...


Paul Evans


P.S. Let's toss in some common sense. Redeeming the investment in Simple Six would take just 10 one time customers to a $10 offer. That's it. Just 10.

P.P.S. Click Here to get in now.

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